Green Earth Together

Organic Life Style

All creatures on the earth - flowers, trees, birds and mammals including human beings - live in an interconnected world and have maintained their lives for generations by forming ecological system. We appreciate that the soil is the most essential substance for those living on the ground.
Any plants including vegetables,which are the bread of our life, are unable to grow without soil.
It is able to conserve and purify the groundwater and circulate nutrient elements.
In other words, the soil is the cradle of life for all beings.
This is why we have been rigidly committed to "soil" and chanting our slogan "soil is the best source of everything" like a mantra.
The soil has a magical power in itself.
It decomposes leaves fallen on the ground, deadwood and dead insects and the like due to the action of soil-dwelling microbes.
The degraded product gradually changes into organic substances called "humus."
The soil having humus enables the land's environmental balance at the best condition on which plants can thrive.
The humus has the effectiveness to prompt the soil in forming aggregate structure and ultimately the land becomes soft.
Also the humus rich soil has better fertilizer-retention capacity and allows the root for greater absorption of nutrients.The soil in forests has abundant in humus and this is why plants in forests grow very well.Humus has been nurtured by the workings of nature and it is the exceedingly useful gift for us, animals and plants.
"Green Earth Together" is Hanagokoro's new project and it represents our challenge for the future.We cast a spotlight on the primary power of soil including humus and advance the development of gardening and farming equipment which can offer the sustainable organic life.In parallel with the action, we are trying to expand the relationship with the fellows and local people who are heading for the same destination.

== Green Earth Together ==
We make an increasing contribution to those who enjoy the delight in cultivating a land and growing flowers and vegetables.
To think of the soil is to think of our daily life.
Eventually, that means to think of our families' future and the future of our irreplaceable planet.

HANAGOKORO to enhance recycling agriculture with humus power

It is highly required to build a new system in order to work out sustainable agricultural production keeping the natural circulation capability.
The highlight of the recycling agriculture we offer is to make efficient use of the "off-scourings" --- including livestock wastes, sludge --- as safety resources.
You can grow vegetables and grain with farmyard compost recycled as a good quality resource.
The vegetable wastes and grain are used again as feedstuff for livestock.
Then they go back to the farmland in the form of composts and/or fertilizers.
The new system is a scientific farming which provides an accurate soil analysis in order to determine the application rate. The procedure is clearly different from the conventional way of organic agriculture which plays farmers' intuition that comes from their experience.
In Japanese traditional agriculture, we used to run the recycling-organic farming thanks to producing good compost from straws, fallen leaves and livestock excrement and feed the harvested vegetables and grain to the domestic animals again. On the other hand, modern agriculture has aimed to improve the productivity by the mechanization, breeding and using chemical fertilizers and agrichemicals.Using too much chemical fertilizers ends up to the soil exhaustion, land contamination and health problems, and also the environmental burden is becoming social problems.
The livestock industry, once the leader of recycling agriculture, has become to import the feedstuff in order to save their productivity.
Leaving the recycling system made them have a large amount of livestock excrement and it posed serious social problems called "livestock pollution" due to bad smell, contamination of rivers, lakes and under-ground water.

With the power of humus, HANAGOKORO will be able to support you to produce suitable soil for agriculture and, in collaboration with our business partners, solve the on-site problems including bad smell and treatment of the livestock excrement.